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University Administration
We know how important it is that your residential students (and parents!) are happy with all aspects of your housing program. Partnering with Family Pride to provide laundry equipment and service on your campus makes this part of your job easy! Family Pride offers service at the touch of a button.

A successful laundry program consists of much more than just washers & dryers! Not only will we provide the most energy-efficient equipment available but we also invest in…

  • room improvements
  • engineered ventilation saves on dry run time and expense
  • preventive maintenance
  • debit card technology
  • online monitoring
  • resident education and promotions

All supported with prompt service response by your dedicated service technician!

Let us show you how we make laundry fun!

Student Residents
We know you have better things to do than sit in a laundry room all day!

Family Pride helps make doing laundry easier for you by providing your campus with quality, energy-saving washers and dryers and speedy repair service.

Please contact us if you have any laundry-related issues!