Green Energy Solutions

Frontload washer – Saving 60% of gallons over traditional top loading washers

With today’s spiraling utility rates, it is essential that your laundry provider be focused on maximizing energy efficiency. Family Pride is dedicated to minimizing your utility expenses as well as promoting a program of sustainability. We make a positive impact on your property in the following ways:

  • Our front load washers use 60% less water than traditional top load machines, saving thousands annually in water and sewer charges.
  • Our front load washers use less hot water as well, significantly reducing utility costs required to heating that water.
  • We utilize washers with a dramatically increased spin speed, removing more water from the clothing and reducing dry time by 25%.
  • We utilize the most energy efficient dryers available, further reducing gas and electrical costs.
  • Scheduled ventilation cleaning greatly reduces the time needed to dry clothing, and thus the utility costs to run those dryers.
  • Replacing inefficient light fixtures in laundry rooms with new efficient fluorescent fixtures increases the attractiveness of the rooms as well as reducing your lighting bill.
  • Green-Engineered Ventilation system exhausts only the air needed to match the demand of the dryers- which saves on exhausting conditioned air to the outside.
  • Our service routes are highly coordinated and vehicles maintained so we use less fuel. We rely on electronic communication and document imaging software to help us conserve precious resources.

Please contact us for a free utility analysis of your existing equipment, and we will show you what you could be saving by switching to Family Pride